Design & Plan

Okay, so people contact us because they want a green oak frame. If the oak frame itself is your starting point then we can design your frame and an architect or a technician will turn that design into drawings for planning and building regulation purposes (and include other necessary building things such as footing requirements or roof insulation, electrics, plumbing etc). Alternatively, you may well already have commissioned architects plans which include the space for an oak frame as part of the overall project, in which case we will design a frame to fit into that space for you.

Either way we will design a frame with you and take into consideration not only how you want your frame to look, but also cover how you may use the space. We’re good team players and we’ll work alongside your chosen architect or technician to arrive at a creative design that is unique to you.

Once all the rough sketching is done and we’ve agreed a final design we put our pencils away and use our 3D architectural modelling software to reproduce the oak frame into an highly precise format, this level of exactness is essential for a structural engineer to then calculate loadings etc and ensure the design will pass all the building regulations. It also allows us to accurately order your timber (nobody wants to pay for or waste wood we don’t need) and we use them as blueprints in the workshop for construction. They also give you the first chance to see you frame in 3D so you can really see how it will feel to live inside your build – this is where it starts to get exciting!

There are many more details that we will discuss with you along the way that are far too numerous to list here (maybe not-so-exciting), things like glazing detail, how to finish roof overhangs, treatment of open ceilings and whether to use sarking boards or standard painted plasterboard. There’s finishing of the frame surface to consider, does the oak want to be left rustic, cleaned with oxalic acid to remove staining or maybe sandblasted to give a clean even finish – all these things will need to be considered to integrate with your overall scheme. I listed a few here just to demonstrate that we’ll look after you throughout your build and offer advice and guidance as much as we can even if they’re not services we provide –we want your build to be the best it can – we aim to be your build-buddies.

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