About Us

Based on the edge of the English Lake District, Fairweather Oak is a bunch of friendly guys making bespoke Green Oak Timber structures by hand; using traditional carpentry techniques which take years to learn. (and when I say ‘guys’ I’m being far from sexist here – all female timber framers please apply – I’ve tried to persuade my wife to join our happy band but to no avail…..

I’m Rob Fairweather and I started the business and I guess you might want to know a bit more about me before you pick up the phone to discuss your project.  Here’s a thing…… wood….basically I just love it , I can’t get enough of it.  Well that’s not exactly true, as  in the design sense too much wood can be overpowering, often less is more in my opinion!  What I mean here is that I love to work with it, to take it from its raw beautiful state into something even more beautiful. Take it from me (and my name) if the weather is fair and we’re on site raising a frame (maybe your frame), working life just doesn’t get any better.

I’ve always worked with wood.  I did a seven (yes seven!) year apprenticeship in wooden boat building.  Sadly wooden boatbuilding is a dying trade and like many crafts, imported builds pretty much killed the market so I turned my hand to Green Oak Framing which I’ve been doing now for over ten years and I love it.

I am fascinated with the juxtaposition (I love that word) in our field of work that allows us to employ the latest 3D computer graphics technology to design your frame but still use medieval skills and hand tools to work the timbers. The same is true on-site when a state of the art crane can’ fly’ a whole frame into place that we then secure with simple wooden pegs. It’s truly amazing and it’s a joy to be able to work with such incredible materials and tools.

We all love what we do and we love working with people who also like wood – let’s face it you’ll want someone building your frame that loves their work – you’ll get passion and commitment from us and we like to think that shows in the finished product.

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