Oak Trees and Sustainability

June 21st, 2017

Sustainable Building

Green Oak is a very sustainable form of building – Thankfully we are all much more aware of the dangers of too much Co2 in our atmosphere resulting in a warming planet and ‘the Greenhouse Effect’. Without getting too technical about it Scientists are now working on solutions to capture and secure this atmospheric carbon and luckily for us one of the best ways to do this is to simply to plant more trees. If the tree is then cut and used in construction the carbon is still stored. Trees are clearly our carbon heroes and can save the planet as they absorb the horrid carbon that we put into the atmosphere – I think that all trees should be given a ‘Hero’ badge.


A bit more good news about trees and how we do our ‘bit’. In the EU more trees are now being planted than are being felled and forests are actually growing rather than diminishing.

We like to do our bit too and for all the timber that we use in your Green Oak Timber Frame we pledge to replant any trees that we use (when we’re saying this we’re standing up straight and have our right arms across our bodies – it makes it a much more serious pledge this way – although I can’t help feeling that we should be rewarded with some sort of fabric badge that we can sew on our overalls).

Tonnes of Oak

A mature Oak tree yields about a tonne of oak timber so if your project uses say 30 tonnes of oak – then we plant 30 new oak trees on your behalf. Sustainable woodlands already do this when the trees are harvested so in most cases there will actually be double the amount of oak trees planted than is used in your build – we think this is good.